We want to ‘do our bit’.  Jane (cottage owner), is passionate about ensuring the cottage makes a positive contribution to the village, and that we minimise our environmental impact as a business. To this end we have an environmental policy, which guides us in our activities. We aim to:

  • Source goods/services within the village, or locally as far as possible.
  • Use the cottage to promote and support local businesses, to be a good neighbour and support village activities.
  • Pro-actively support and maintain Business Membership of Cornwall Wildlife Trust – thus assisting in protection of Cornwall’s unique ecological heritage.
  • Undertake an annual carbon footprint of energy use for the cottage from 2016 (after our first 2 full seasons), in order to offset carbon consumed in running of the business via a cash equivalent donation to the Climate Care.
  • Support guests in recycling waste, and ensure we follow the waste hierarchy with our waste from the business.
  • Minimise consumption of electricity, water, & gas, where practical, by purchasing ‘A rated’ low energy equipment, using low energy bulbs, and supporting guests to reduce consumption (whilst in no respect compromising guest comfort).
  • Manage the garden to encourage wildlife, not using any chemicals,  planting for biodiversity/create habitat; composting garden waste (away from the cottage) & providing a bird box.
  • Annually review our use of consumables, and as far as economically practical, replace for the best environmental option.
  • Ensure all office materials are printed on FSC paper.
  • Seek to continually improve our environmental performance year on year, and pro-actively ask for, and evaluate ideas from guests to help us improve.